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At Steel Design & Build, we know and trust steel as a reliable and versatile building material. We recommend steel because, in comparison to concrete, it is more flexible and therefore creates smaller but stronger and safer building structures. In our decades in the business, we’ve helped design many commercial and industrial projects.

Budget-Friendly Steel Structure Design

Any steel design project begins with an examination of your expectations. We’ll carefully discuss all the details we’ll need to know as we design your structure, paying particular attention to your budget, your projected construction time, and the environment at the build site. We make sure to take into account your preferences for architectural features as well, such as ceiling height, open space, and so on.

Once we establish your expectations and preferences, we have a structural engineer approve the project and produce an estimated cost to you. Upon approval, we draft a number of detailed drawings, which outline the specific dimensions and designs of every small piece that will be necessary to the whole.

We’ll also help you understand the benefits of steel, such as its flexibility, adaptability, strength, and fire resistance. Using the details we glean from you and our own steel knowledge, we then proceed to design.

During the design process, there are a number of criteria we use to determine which type of steel structure is best for your project, including the cost, the duration of the project, site constraints, fire resistance, floor strength, bracing for added strength, and the flexibility and adaptability of the metal to the environment. We always plan to use the highest-quality metals to ensure strength.

Rough Design

After the initial design phase, our steel experts are able to create rough-draft 3-D models that serve as helpful visuals as you communicate with any other build teams in preparation for construction. The process involves detailed attention to specifics but moves rather quickly.

Design Improvements

Following this step, we make any needed final changes and create the complete, detailed blueprints that will be used during fabrication and construction.

Our extensive experience in design and building saves our clients time and money on steel construction. We know small- and large-scale improvements can always be made through tweaking the fabrication plan or erection sequence, or perhaps changing the material or connections. Simple modifications can reduce costs by erasing the need for other materials after the changes are made.

Budgetary Assistance

We can offer budgetary assistance to you at any phase of your project. Because the initial stages of design and fabrication involve estimated assumptions for budget, they are subject to change due to outside forces. We will get you through these stages and into the final design as quickly as possible to obtain an accurate budget amount that will allow the other trades involved to begin their estimation process as well.

Streamlined Schedules

We have 19 years of experience in development, production, and management of steel projects in Southern California. We are constantly changing to make the process easier for you and to stand out from our competitors. Our unique system allows you to streamline your steel packages through the phases, unlike the other companies in the region.

We have become leaders in the critical path, pull, and production scheduling tactics that you can utilize to develop your design, budget, schedule and more, so you get a quality product and a return on your investment.

At any stage of the process, we welcome your questions and input. We strive to guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work. We also take care to ensure that our steel structure designs meet all applicable safety standards.

Steel Designers You Can Trust

Steel Design & Build serves clients from our headquarters in Temecula, California, but we proudly work throughout Southern California. You can request our services as far north as Fresno and as far south as San Diego.

Reach out to Steel Design & Build today to begin the steel structure design process on your upcoming project. Call 949-303-6084 or email We look forward to designing a steel structure that meets your exact specifications.

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