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Steel forms the durable skeleton of many buildings, and Steel Design & Build is proud to serve as a steel fabricator for past, current, and upcoming construction projects throughout Southern California.

Our company was founded as a steel-focused business. We can carry out every stage of project steel manufacturing, from design to fabrication and installation. Learn more about what sets our steel fabrication service apart here.

Metal Supply Inc., as our owner, is heavily involved in our fabrication phases and ensures that high-quality and properly designed products are delivered to your site in a timely manner. Metal Supply Inc., which is both L.A. city certified and AISC certified, helps us guarantee quality work on your steel construction projects.

Efficient Steel Fabrication Process

The fabrication stage is the actual creation of your structure following the design phase. It involves taking standard sizes and shapes of steel material and modifying or fabricating each piece to the exact size and configuration necessary to be assembled into a complete structure on the job site. Our parent company, Metal Supply Inc., possesses the highest certifications for fabrication shops, so you can trust us to fabricate strong steel, whether we’re making steel tubes, sheets, bars, joists, or other structural details.

Because we include design as a part of our services, you know we’ll follow the plans to their exact specifications, ensuring you get the steel parts you need in a timely manner. In fact, during the design phase, we create a forecasted schedule of when you’ll have each part, allowing you to plan your construction accordingly.

We’ve streamlined our steel fabrication process during our decades in business. We make the steel parts you require in the exact order in which you’ll need them. We’ve found that this orderliness saves general contractors time during construction because they’re rarely waiting for us to create the next steel component they need to proceed.​

Preconstruction Steel Fabrication